"NFTs" (Non-Fungible Tokens) or 'digital assests' are a great way to get more involved with a project, musician, artist, etc. and be able to collect digital items that you may find value in like music, art, event tickets/passes, 3D objects, and much more. Not sure what NFTs or Web3 are? Check out the free, self-guided course on all things Web3, including NFTs, created by xBohiti by clicking here: (link

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Collecting xBohiti's various NFTs also comes with utility/rewards! Read the 'NFT Rewards Blue Paper' for more information!

Featured NFTs:

The xBohiti Unlimited Music Pass

This membership NFT grants you the ability to download the ad-free versions of any xBohiti song, spoken word, or other audio recordings available in the Member Library as well as other perks outlined in the 'Blue Paper'. Once your transaction is verified, your membership will expire after 1 year and you will need to renew your membership before then to keep access to the Member Library and perks.

"Atabey's Anger" (1/1)

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