xBohiti a.k.a

"Spearit Bear"

xBohiti is a Puerto Rican musician, 2D/3D artist, regenerative organic farmer, and web2/web3 developer from Chicago, Illinois. xBohiti creates music meant to motivate  and elevate consciousness.

xBohiti also goes by the name 'Spearit Bear' which was used when first releasing music but now that they have expanded beyond music they began using their real name: 'Bohiti' which roughly translates to ''Spiritual Leader", or one who known the wisdom of both of the Plant and Spirit worlds from the Native Borikua language in Puerto Rico or 'Borikén'. xBohiti is also "Yamoká-hu" which roughly translates to: "Two-Spirit" like in other Native Tribes and while often being masculine-presenting, prefers the pronouns: "they/them/theirs".

As an Entrepreneur, xBohiti is creating multiple different businesses and projects throughout their career, some of which can be found at the bottom of this page.

xBohiti has an Advanced Permaculture Design Certification from the Advanced Permaculture Student Online created by Matt Powers as well as a Master's Certificate in Cannabis from Cannabis Training University, a Full Stack Developer Certificate, and is working on new, exiting ways to put these skills to use.

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Projects Being Built by xBohiti:

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