xBohiti has expanded their art skills to now include 3D and metaverse building. They have created different digital experiences across various platforms and also offer services for building your own experiences! Art galleries, movie theatres, shopping malls, music listening parties, and more! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination! (and the limitations of the platform you're building on).

Visit the different 3D/XR experiences created by xBohiti for examples of their work and for ideas of what you could do yourself!

View some the different metaverse projects xBohiti has created and worked on below:

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xBohiti,  creates immersive 3D/XR metaverse experiences and models for a variety of platforms, including Spatial.io, Crypto Voxels and more. As a 2D/3D artist and designer, xBohiti is constantly expanding their skillset to include Adobe Suite programs, Blender, Unity3D and other cutting-edge software.

xBohiti understands the importance of standing out in the metaverse and providing the best value to your community possible, and is dedicated to creating unique and visually stunning experiences for their clients. Whether you're looking for a full-scale build or assistance in learning how to create your own models, xBohiti is here to help.

xBohiti is currently accepting freelance work and is available for consultations to discuss your project needs. Schedule an appointment with xBohiti today and let them help bring your vision to life in the metaverse.

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