For 5 years, xBohiti has been learning and building within the Web3 space which is basically an upgraded version of the internet with more capabilities and interaction in 3D spaces. You can learn about Web3 with 'Web3 Webs' and then check out all the other projects thatr are currently being built:

Web 3 Webs

A free, self-guided course on all things 'Web 3' like crypto, NFTs, blockchain, smart contracts, the metaverse, and more!

xBohiti Brand NFTs

Various NFTs (digital assets) created by xBohiti that come with extra benefits with ownership which you can read about in the 'xBohiti NFT Rewards Blue Paper'.

3D/Extended Reality(XR)

xBohiti is learning how to build 3D worlds and is now diving into game development and extended reality technology. View the different experiences being built by xBohiti currently available on various platforms here:

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